Ottawa- October 30, 2019

Mr. Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi, Deputy Chief of Mission and Ms. Shabana Kargar, Head of the Cultural Section at the Afghan Embassy met yesterday with Ms. Julie Huguet, Director of Business Development and Institutional Program from the National Film Board of Canada.
They discussed areas of mutual interest and deliberated on ideas to deepen collaboration between the Afghan Film Institute and the National Film Board of Canada. They also exchanged views on some joint activities between the Embassy and the National Film Board of Canada in the future.
Ms. Huguet also briefed the Embassy about the “Forbidden Reel”, directed by Ariel Naser, an Afghan-Canadian which has recently been selected by the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Ms. Huguet stated that this film is a great tribute to Afghan cinematography, its prominent filmmakers and to the heroic preservation of the Afghan film archives. The Forbidden Reel screening will be held in November 2019 both in Kabul and Amsterdam.