Barna Karimi

Ambassador Barna Karimi was born in 1974 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He went to Istiqlal High School in Kabul and in 1991 succeeded to enter in Kabul’s prestigious Medical School, where he studied general medicine until the summer of 1992 when the university was shut down due to the outbreak factional fighting in the country, followed by the Taliban’s oppressive regime in 1996.

Mr. Barna Karimi resumed his studies in University of Phoenix, from 1997 till 2003, studying Business Marketing for bachelor and Business Administration for master in the same University.

Ambassador Barna Karimi’s major work experiences are:

  1. General Manager, Triton Inc, Fullerton, CA 1997
  2. Sales and Marketing Manager, Guess Athletic, San Diego, CA 1999
  3. President, ALMA USA Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA 2000
  4. Deputy Chief of Staff, President Karzai’s Administration, 2005
  5. Deputy Minister, Policy, IDLG, 2007
  6. Ambassador of Afghanistan, Canada, 2012

Mr. Karimi represented Afghanistan at numerous occasions both internationally and regionally.

Ambassador Karimi has written extensively on Afghanistan, the region as well as on conflict and development issues. He has numerous publications in forms of freelance articles, translations, books and blogs.