Short Biography of Her Excellency Shinkai Karokhail, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Canada

Her Excellency Shinkai Karokhail is a well-known women’s rights activist who served as a member of the Afghan parliament for 11 years. She was also the Director of the Afghan Women’s Education Center (AWEC) for four years, besides being a member of the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN). The Ambassador initiated a nation-wide campaign, “Let’s Fight Against Cancer”, along with other prominent figures and medical professionals in Afghanistan. Her efforts, with the support of Afghanistan’s first lady, Mrs. Rula Ghani, resulted in establishing the first Afghanistan Cancer Foundation (ACF), and an Oncology Ward at Jamhooriat Public Hospital in Kabul, October 2016.

During her tenure as a parliamentarian, Ambassador Karokhail, with the help of her colleagues and women’s rights activists, established Women Parliamentary Caucus. Their collective efforts made it possible to have the National Action Plan for the Women of Afghanistan (NAPWA) approved by the government. Also, the Ambassador was part of a team drafting the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Law which was ultimately enacted by a Presidential Decree in 2009. Likewise, The Ambassador was behind major amendments to 50 articles related to the Shiite Personal Status Law.

Ambassador Karokhail has received several prestigious awards from national and international organizations for her efforts to advance women’s rights since 1990. She received an award from the first lady of Afghanistan and Ministry of Public Health in relation to fighting against cancer in October 2016. In May 2014, Ambassador Karokhail received the Malalai Kakar Human Rights Award from Queens-based Women for Afghan Women organization. Also in August 2014, the Afghan American Women’s Association (AAWA), based in Virginia, granted her a Humanitarian Award for the promotion of women’s rights in Afghanistan. In September 2012, EastWest Institute, a U.S-based NGO presented a joint award to Value-based Leadership to Ambassador Karokhail and Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Moreover, on the InternationalAnti-Corruption Day, the Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC) bestowed Ambassador Karokhail with an Anti-Corruption Award in December 2015. Her outstanding efforts for the promotion of women’s rights were also appreciated by several media outlets, including a famous TV channel, AREZO in the north of Afghanistan in 2013.