The political section of the Embassy is led by the Political Counsellor. Its core mission is to maintain and enhance close political cooperation with the Canadian government, the embassies and any other entities on issues pertaining to political affairs. The unit’s main duties and responsibilities involve managing the process of maintaining bilateral relations, coordinating high-level bilateral and multilateral meetings between the Afghan and the Canadian officials and delegation. It follows and makes analysis of domestic and Canadian policies and discussions relevant to Afghanistan in both, government and non-governmental arenas, including academia, media, think tanks and other relevant institutions. It facilitates relevant communication between Kabul and the Embassy with the Global Affairs Canada and other Canadian ministries, the Parliament, and other political institutions.

The unit also participates in various conferences and events related to Afghanistan and/or the region and briefs the participants on latest political and security developments in Afghanistan. Last, it is responsible for all protocol services such as; organizing of events, conferences and arrangements of visits of High Ranking Foreign Officials to Afghanistan and vice versa and make relevant protocol arrangements and receptions as appropriate.

The section is mandated to promote economic ties with Canada through bilateral trade, investments, and creating conducive opportunities for traders, investors, government, and non-government organizations willing to support efforts in this sector. It creates the needed platform and events in catalysing on the current trading, opportunities emerge and explore further potential investment areas. The section primarily facilitates government-to-government interaction, facilitates public and private corporations, stakeholders, training, and development in the areas of trade and business promotion.
The section also bridges the investing gap and serves as a window for the traders between Afghanistan and Canada by connecting traders and investors from both the countries. The section assists any company interested in operating business in Afghanistan, meet with universities interested in establishing ties for economic-related trainings and capacity-building. It organizes and takes part proactively in workshops, participate in various business-related seminars, and connecting Afghan – Canadian businesses. It also facilitates trade exhibitions, arrange bilateral meetings between the Afghan ministers and delegations with its Canadian counterpart interested in support of Afghanistan roadmap for socioeconomic development in the country, within the region and with countries in far continents.

The Consulate section provides immigration services such as visas, passports, entry permits, marriage certificates, birth certificates, identification certificates, and inheritance certificates, and many more. It also provides power of attorney documents, verification of national identification (Tazkera) documents, and maintain coordination with various Afghanistan government agencies, private institutions, and individuals regarding immigration, criminal and other legal matters pertaining to Afghan citizens. The consulate section explains and simplifies the application process to clients in relation to consulate services. It also coordinates efforts with two other General Consulate of the country located in Toronto and Vancouver cities, as well as with General Consulates in New York – U.S. for the issuance of passports and improves consulate services.

The Social and Cultural Affairs section of the embassy maintains and promotes the cultural ties between Afghanistan and Canada. It is responsible to launch cultural shows, art and handicraft exhibitions, Afghan musical and theatre performances, and other social and cultural activities. By introducing the host country with the history and culture of Afghanistan, it elevates Canadians’ awareness of Afghanistan’s rich history and culture.

The section is also actively collaborating with Afghan-Canadian communities, organizations, and institutions with the embassy. The section also participates in conferences, gatherings, scientific seminars, symposiums as well as workshops held by the Afghan – Canadian institutions.

The Media and Press section of the embassy is a contact point between the embassy and Canadian and foreign media and journalists seeking information about Afghanistan. This section is responsible for all the media related tasks such as publications, maintaining social media, and write news bulletins, press conferences, and manage interviews and all media related aspects of the embassy activities and events. This section maintains a continually up-to-date progress made in all areas including political, social, economic, cultural, security and peace, and other developments of Afghanistan and catalysis on the new narrative o the country. The section partners with media entities, journalists and ensures they get the most up-to-date, and accurate information about Afghanistan, Canadian role and contribution in Afghanistan, and the embassy’s activities. It also facilitates timely access to officials, including the Ambassador, for comments and opinions on a specific issue. It catalyses on development in Afghanistan and result of Canada’s contribution to Afghanistan. Media advisories and press releases are provided to alert the press to notable appearances by the Ambassador and visiting dignitaries, as well as significant reform achievements and untold stories of progress. The department also updates the Embassy’s website and social media.

The Administrative and Finance section manages the embassy’s finance and administration affairs as per the required laws and procedures. This section facilitates the embassy’s overall day-to-day operations and provided needed support to all other sections. Main duties and responsibilities of the section are; managing accounts, human resources, administrative tasks, correspondences, and logistics.