Fees & Processing Time

Processing time

After the Consular Section has received completed application form with all necessary documents and payment(s), document authentication or certificate(s) will normally be issued within 10 Working Days, excluding shipping duration. However, it may take longer in exceptional circumstances.

Please be advised that the processing time will be adjusted if your application is denied for the following reasons:

  • Application form not completely filled out,
  • Important information is missing, and/or
  • The supporting documents presented do not meet the requirements requested
  • Any other reason
  • Fast-Track processing service is available as per the applicant’s request which costs additional USD 23. Fast track service normally takes (24 to 48 hours).


The Embassy accepts fees in U.S. dollars only. We no longer accept Canadian dollars.

All fees must be directly deposited into the following account:

  • Account Details in PDF
  • All fees paid for the visa application are non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of the application.
Document Type* FeeProcessing Time
Single Entry Visitor’s Visa – One Month USD 120 Ten Working Days
Entry Permit for Work Visas USD 120 Ten Working Days
Tourist One Month Visa USD 95 Ten Working Days
Any Visas for diplomatic & service passport holders Gratis Requires confirmation from Kabul
Entry Permit for travellers of Afghan descent travelling on non-Afghan passports Gratis
Permanent Employees of the United Nations, the Red Cross and certain other inter-governmental bodies, only for those who carries official passportGratis
Extra charge for fast-track processing of applicationsUSD 10024 to 48 Hours
Postage cost USD 16
New passport valid for 5 years* Fee
In person application submissionUSD 120
Fast track serviceUSD 23
Postage cost USD 16
Document* Fee
Birth CertificateUSD 55
Certificate of IdentityUSD 55
Certificate of NationalityUSD 55
Fast Track serviceUSD 23
Postage cost USD 16
Document* Fee
Birth CertificateUSD 55
Death CeritificateGratis (free of charge)
Certificate of IllnessGratis (free of charge)
Mariage CertificateUSD 55
Divorce Bill USD 55
Certificate of Celibacy USD 55
TazkiraUSD 55
Driving License USD 55
Educational/Professional Credentials USD 55
Patents & Commercial/Customs Papers USD 132
Fast Track serviceUSD 23
Postage cost USD 16
Document* Fee
Police CertificateUSD 55
Fast Track ServiceUSD 23
Postage cost USD 16
Document* Fee
Power of Attorney FormUSD 120
InheritanceUSD 120
Postage cost USD 16

Postage cost and more:

  • If applicable – alternatively enclose a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope
  • self-addressed return envelop
  • *Amount Payable (including bank and admin charges)


  • All fees and all Consular charges must be paid by MONEY ORDER made payable to ‘ The Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa ’.
  • Payment by cash, personal cheques or bank transfer will not be accepted.
  • In case of multiple requests or payment of return postal charges, a single money order, covering the total amount due, may be submitted.
  • The money order must be submitted together with the completed application form.