Message from the charge d’affaires

It is a distinct honour to serve as the charge d’affaires of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Canada and to continue the long history of friendly bilateral relations between our two nations.

Through this note, we are delighted to connect with you all, and provide you with updated information and news about Afghanistan and Canada-Afghanistan Diplomatic Relations, as well as resources that will help you get an understanding of recent developments in Afghanistan and of our mission here in Canada.

The Government of Afghanistan highly values its diplomatic relations with Canada and is committed to further strengthening our bilateral relations.

Canada is the 9th largest single-country donor providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. The Government of Afghanistan highly values Canada’s support in helping improve our nation’s security and advancing our development agenda. We believe that Canada’s new feminist international development policy and its Girls and Women’s First approach is a policy which can help empower and lift Afghan women. Canadian aid in Afghanistan has mainly focused on security, socioeconomic development, empowering and promoting women’s rights, and aid for humanitarian relief and recovery. This support has gone a long way to take part in development of Afghanistan and enabling a better future for Afghans.

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa and our two Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver aim to further improve Afghanistan-Canada relations and deliver needed consulate services. The Afghan Diplomatic Mission aims to encourage and further foster Afghanistan-Canada trade and economic ties. Canada and Afghanistan can solidify their bond and provide mutual benefits for one another through trade and cooperation.

Afghanistan is a country with rich cultural history, a wealth of untapped natural resources and a highly strategic geographic location. As we are unlocking our tremendous potential to grow and prosper, it is time for our partners to stay firm in their commitment and accompany us through out the transformational decade. The Government of Afghanistan has a clear vision and strategies to secure a brighter future for our citizens. Our vision for Afghanistan is to once again become a crossroads of trade, commerce, cultures and civilizations in the region, with potential links to other continents. Afghanistan has much to offer in the areas of trade and investment, and this area requires more attention because it is a path towards achieving self-reliance.

Afghanistan appreciates Canada’s continued support to overcome our political and security challenges. Afghanistan is at the frontlines of a fight against terrorism, poverty, and violation of human rights and it requires the support of the entire international community. The emergence of a stable, democratic, and thriving Afghanistan will be a great asset for regional and global security and prosperity.

I also want to take this opportunity to say that I am very proud to see the successful Afghan diaspora community in Canada. Afghan-Canadians are citizens to both countries and have dual responsibility of representing and supporting the development process in Afghanistan. They are successful citizens in Canada, and have flourished in areas of politics, business, and other development sectors. Their contribution in the development process is the most sustainable aid contribution to be facilitated by Canada to Afghanistan.  During my tenure as Ambassador, I will exert every effort to represent the country and serve you all here in Canada. In doing so, I am looking forward to being guided and supported by the Afghan diaspora community in the Canada, as a significant human capital and key asset for both Afghanistan and Canada.

I look forward to working with you to continue to strengthen Afghanistan’s historical relationship with Canada so that we can explore new avenues for improving bilateral trade and furthering educational and cultural exchange between Afghanistan and Canada.

Abdul Jabar Rahimi

Charge d’affaires of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canada

Short Bio of Abdul Jabar Rahimi

Mir Abdul Jabar Rahimi is an Afghan diplomat serving as First Secretary of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa. He has held the position since September 2016. He is currently Chargé d’affaires of the embassy.

On top of his extensive experience with Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, Mr. Rahimi has served on various level positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan for more than four year.

Mr. Rahimi has received his bachelor’s degree in law and Political sciences from Kabul University in Afghanistan and has obtained his master’s in Administrative science from the University of Farleigh Dickinson in the United States.

Mr. Rahimi is fluent in Farsi and English. He and his wife, Samia Rahimi have two children; Dunya and Yosuf.