Police Certificate

How to apply?

This Embassy accepts applications from individuals residing in Canada requesting a police certificate (or criminal record clearance) on behalf of Afghan nationals who may or may not be residing in Afghanistan at the time of application.

Police certificates are issued based on information provided to the Embassy by the Afghan National Police (ANP) authorities in Afghanistan, and takes at least one month to be processed.

Applications for police certificate can be made either in in-person or by post. Applications must contain identity documents for the applicants as well as the individuals whose criminal record clearance is requested.

Checklist of requirements

All applicants, whether applying by post or in person, must submit the following items as part of their application:

·         1. Police Certificate Request Form – fully completed and signed.

·         2. Photocopy of document verifying your legal status in Canada, such as passport, PR card, etc.

·         3. Photocopy of document indicating your relationship with the person whose police record is requested.

·         4. Good quality photocopy of Tazkira for the person whose police record is requested.

·         5. Documents verifying your current address, such as driving license, utility bills or similar documents.

·         6. Police certificate processing fee (USD 55). See below for payment method.

·         7. One standard passport size photo (photo must be freshly taken, taken directly off the face and show both ears with a light background)

·         8. Applicants can choose to provide a registered, self-addressed return envelope.

Processing fee

All applicants are, hereby, notified that they should make sure to have all required supporting documents available before depositing service fee to the Embassy’s bank account. The Embassy cannot return the service fee to the applicants, if their supporting documents are not complete, which in turn delays provision of the consular service to the applicants.
(All charges are in USD)

Document *Fee Payable
(Including bank and admin charges)
Police Certificate USD 55
Payble only to Bank Service Account
Postage cost USD 16
Payble only to Bank Postal Account
Fast Track Service USD 23

Payment method

  1. All consular charges are ONLY payable in USD. Payment in any other currency will not be accepted.
  2. All consular charges must be paid The Embassy Bank Account in Ottawa .
  3. Payment by cash, personal cheques or bank transfer will not be accepted.

Embassy address and opening hours

The opening hours of the Embassy’s Consular Section are as follows:

Monday through Friday from 1:000am to 1:00pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

The Consular Section is closed outside these hours as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

Postal applications must be sent by REGISTERED MAIL to the Embassy’s address below.

Consular Section

Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa

240 Argyle Avenue

Ottawa, ON K2P 1B9

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The Embassy will not take any responsibility for loss of documents which are not sent as registered mail.

Applications will be processed in order of their receipt by the Consular Section. Applications that are incomplete and/or are missing necessary documentation will not be processed.

All original documents submitted as part of application for certificate of birth/identity/nationality will be returned to the applicant after the due process.

Ready to apply?

If you have read the information above and are ready to apply, print the following forms as appropriate:

Application form: PoliceCertificateApplicationFormEnglish.doc

Application form in Dari: PoliceCertificateApplicationFormDari.pdf

Application form in Pashto: PoliceCertificateApplicationFormPashto.pdf

Application form in French: PoliceCertificateApplicationFormFrench.doc

If you need to fill in an Identity Guarantee form, which can be accessed below, please read the instructions before completing.

Have any questions or need more information

For further information, or if you want to discuss your application, please contact the Consular Section during its opening hours (Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 12:00pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm).


+ 1-613-563-4223

+ 1-613-563-4265



Postal Address:

Embassy of Afghanistan, Ottawa

240 Argyle Avenue

Ottawa, ON K2P 1B9