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Ambassador Karimi delivers a speech on Afghanistan to South and Central Asia Project workshop

On January 11th, Ambassador Karimi delivered a speech on Afghanistan and its rapidly growing relations with the Central and South Asia. He spoke to the Central and South Asian Project of York University. Sponsored by the Center for Security and International Studies, the project aspires to develop a new concept vis-a-vis the Central and South Asia with Afghanistan bearing a crucial role in the region.

Alluding to the expansion of relations with neighboring countries as a foreign policy priority for Afghanistan, the Ambassador said, “Over the past decade, ways to strengthen and expand ties with the countries in the region have been an area of focus for Afghanistan. Because there is a wide recognition of the historical significance of the nation in providing a bridge linking the Central Asia to south and to the Middle East. And that is exactly the potential the country continues to possess today by serving as a trade and energy hub for the entire region.”

He went on to say that Afghanistan had sought membership of the many regional groupings due to the importance the country attached to building economic, political and security cooperation with the countries in the region.

Ambassador Karimi termed as successful the on-going process of transfer of security responsibilities and laid emphasis on the need for the continued commitment of the international community for safeguarding the hard-won tangible achievements of the past decade in Afghanistan.
He pointed out that stability in Afghanistan was imperative for peace and security in the region. Referring to the recurring appalling terrorist acts taking place in Pakistan, the Ambassador said that those events underlined the increasing necessity for bilateral cooperation and a common fight against terrorism.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Karimi met with the Afghan Student Association, the student body of Afghans in the university. He gave an elaborate account of the situation in Afghanistan, the regional context and spoke of the strides made while also detailing the enormous and daunting challenges lying ahead of Afghanistan and its people in the future.


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