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Mr. Najibullah Safi, Political officer of the Embassy participated in Nawrooz celebration

Ottawa: March 22, 2014

Mr. Najibullah Safi, Second Secretary of the Embassy participated in a celebaration of Nawrooz, which was organized by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan in Ottawa.

At this event participants from the Government of Canada, Department of National Defence, Families of Soldiers and Canadaians involved in Afghanistan, Human Rights Activists, and fellow Afghans were present.

Mr. Safi deliverd the following speech:

پسرليه راشه، راشه پسرليه په رشتيا راشه ! وايه افغانانو ته نوي کال مو مبارک شه
د افغانستان د اسلامي جمهوريت د لوي سفارت په استازيتوب او په افغاني مينه او احساس دنوي هجري شمسي 1393 کال ده راسیدو له امله تاسو اوستاسو درنو دوستانو، کورنيو ته دنوي کال د رارسیدو له امله دزره له کومي بارکي او نیکی هیلی وراندي کوم
هم ميهنان گرامي! ـ
مسرورم تا به نمايند گي از سفارت کبراي جمهوري اسلامي افغانستان در کانادا، فرا رسيدن سال 1393 خورشيدي را به شما و خانواده هاي عزيز تان تبريک بگويم. تجليل از فرا رسيدن فرخنده نوروز به عنوان يک سنت پسندیده فرهنگي افغانستان، حاوي پيام دل انگيز رويش دوباره طبيعت و برگشت طراوت و شادابي به زندگي آدميان است.ـ

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On the auspicious occasion of the International Day of Nowruz marking the beginning of the New Year 1393 in the Afghan calendar, the Embassy of Afghanistan is pleased to extend best wishes and sincere felicitations to the fellow Afghans and Canadian colleagues gathered here.
Adopted back 4 years ago by the UN General Assembly as the International Day of Nowruz, the occasion, celebrated by more than 178 million people in over 11 countries are registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
As we all look forward to rejoicing this blissful occasion, Afghanistan is proud to be hosting the 4th Nowruz Summit of the leaders of the 12-member nations of Nowruz Cultural Continent in Paghman Hills of Kabul in less than a week time.

برادران و خواهران،
افغانستان در سال نو، فصل جديدي از دستاوردهاي سياسي، امنيتي و اقتصادي و نيز پاره اي از چالش ها را آغاز مي کند.
انتخابات رياست جمهوري و کارزار هاي انتخاباتي به نحوه بي سابقه اي استقبال و حمايت مردم را از رفتن به پاي صندوق هاي راي و انتخاب زعامت سياسي بعدي به نمايش مي گذارد. ـ
اين انتخابات با اميدهاي مردم و مسوولين براي استمرار نظام و پيشرفت افغانستان به عنوان يک کشور مستقل، با ثبات و همکار جامعه جهاني پيوند نزديکي دارد. ـ
هرچند مردم ما دشواري هاي موجود را لمس مي کنند، اما با روحيه قوي و عقيده راسخ به آينده درخشان براي بهبود اوضاع و حل مشکلات خويش بذل مساعي مي نمايند.ـ
خوشبختانه، افغانستان امسال ميزباني جشن بين المللي نوروز و روساي جمهوري کشورهاي حوزه فرهنگي نوروز را به عهده دارد. دولت جمهوري اسلامي افغانستان آمادگي هاي لازم را براي پذيرايي از سران کشور هاي فوق در يکي از مهمترين رويداد هاي فرهنگي منطقوي روي دست گرفته است.ـ
ميزباني سران بيش از دوازده کشور مهم منطقه در تپه پغمان کابل براي تجليل از نوروز جايگاه مهم افغانستان را در ميان کشور هاي حوزه فرهنگي نوروز خاطر نشان مي نمايد که اميدواريم از اين فرصت به نفع تقويت و گسترش روابط منطقه اي بهره گرفته شود. ـ
Dear Colleagues,
New Year is a time when everybody wants his past forgotten and his present remembered, but for our nation it is little bit different, as we all know the threat still exist against peace and stability in Afghanistan, at the same time in this tough situation we are going to have presidential election in April which will be the first power transition from the current to another elected government.
So still we need support and cooperation from our international allies to fight against terrorism and Al-Qaida, which is still a threat for all of us.
The government and the people of Afghanistan are appreciating the support and assistance of the Government and people of Canada for what they have done and for what they are doing in our country, we are happy that your heroes are back home and we will be grateful for having more cooperation and deep relations with our new government in future.
and Please let me thank as well, from the (CW4W in Afg) for their kind support and help in the field of education that they are providing since 1996 for Afghan girls and women in Afghanistan, which is really appreciated.
گران دوستانو، هيله منديم په دي نوي کال کی دافغان زوریدلي ولس دهيواد دبيا ودانولو،سولي اوتولنيز عدالت په برخه کی تاريخی برياوي ولری. نوي کال مو مبارک شه.

دوستان عزيز، اميد دارم که در اين سال جديد، نسيم دلنواز نوروزي تن خسته افغانستان عزيز ما را بنوازد و شگوفه هاي صلح و آشتي بر شاخه هاي اين درخت استوار و تنومند برويد. ـ

wish you all a safe and memorable Nowruz filled with exhilaration.


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