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SPA Sharif Ghalib addresses forum on violence against women

January 19, 2014

Ajax, Ontario – Senior Political Advisor Sharif Ghalib joined community representatives, religious leaders and local service providers at McLean Community Center in Ajax, greater Toronto area, as part of a forum on violence against women, dubbed “It’s Never Ok”.

Organized by the Canadian Afghan Council (CAC) with support of the Town of Ajax, the forum brought together a sizable crowd of community members of diverse background, activists and volunteers.

Addressing the event along with the Honourable Chris Alexander, the Honourable Corneliu Chisu, event promoter and CAC Vice President Shaima Abdali, and a number of other speakers including city and law enforcement officials, Mr. Ghalib said,” Violence against women is a phenomenon of global proportions, which happens in all cultures and religions, ethnic and racial communities”. He added, “Aware of recurring instances of domestic violence at large, we all have a shared responsibility to confront and challenge this ugly experience. And given the nonexclusive nature of it, we must consciously refrain from subscribing to the presumptive assertions and precepts of personal or family privacy, cultural, communal or religious considerations in dealing with spousal violence”.

Forum participants concluded that increased public awareness and education as well as prevention programs are needed in order to effectively tackle the problem.


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