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Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group held its inaugural meeting in Ottawa

Ottawa, May 18, 2017-The Afghan embassy in Ottawa is pleased that After months of its efforts and consultation with honourable members of Canadian parliament, the Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group(CAPFG) held its first meeting in Ottawa. A significant number of Canadian parliamentarians and Afghan diplomats from the Afghanistan Embassy in Ottawa were present at the meeting that was chaired by H.E. Francesco Sorbara, Member of Parliament and the president of the friendship group. The friendship group was also honoured by presence of the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women, who emphasized on Canada’s commitment to helping Afghans build a prosperous society and a peaceful country.

While reiterating Afghan government's gratitude to the Canadian government for its continued support for Afghanistan, Hon. Shinkai Karokhail, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canada, welcomed all the members of the Canadian parliament who share a deep and genuine interest in strengthening the relationship with Afghanistan to join the Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group. Mrs. Karokhail also mentioned that the (CAPFG) can play an important role in fostering bilateral relations between the two countries in the Canadian parliament. She also extended her thanks to MP Mr. Sorbara, and Mr. Mirwais Salehi, Political Counselors, who has collaborated extensively to lay the foundation of the group.

Ambassador Karokhail added that , “...the need for greater cooperation between Afghanistan and its international partners, including Canada has been increasing day-by-day due to the increased geopolitical and strategic importance of Afghanistan and the need for greater regional connectivity, economic cooperation, and global fight against international terrorism and radicalization. In this regard, the (ACPFG) can play an important role in enhancing parliamentary relations between Canada and Afghanistan and working to achieve common strategic goals.”

"In my view, the group can provide an opportunity for the parliamentarians of Canada and Afghanistan to work together on issues of mutual interest, enhance mutual collaboration through exchange of ideas, opinions, and bilateral visits.” said Mrs. Karokhali . She also mentioned that “Here in Canada, the group could pave the way for Afghan-Canadians to connect with Canadian members of parliament in order to discuss their communities’ issues and problems, take part in community causes, and seek their assistance as needed."

At the end of the meeting, the (ACPFG) reiterated the importance of improving the ties between Canada and Afghanistan and discussed upcoming initiatives that are aimed towards the advancement of bilateral relations.


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