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Minister Counsellor of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canada, delivered a speech to the University Women Helping Afghan Women In Ottawa


May 6, Ottawa-Mr. Nader Yama, Minister Counsellor of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canada, delivered a speech about the achievements and changes to the generation of young Afghans to the University Women Helping Afghan Women. The speech touched on the role of civil society groups in Afghanistan and their importance in empowering citizens and, in particular, engaging youth who are paramount to creating change in Afghanistan. He stressed that today's Afghan youth put their efforts into building a culture of harmony, mutual respect, accountability and citizens’ cooperation, in order to promote peace, tolerance, pluralism and acceptance in Afghan society.

Mr. Yama emphasized that the young Afghan generation is the product of profound changes in society and the general mentality of a society that distances itself from violence and intolerance and moves towards the enhancement of education and development at all levels. Mr. Yama noted that the reforms that began with a change in the young generation's mentality will require a long time. The Afghan government and civil society’s efforts on fundamental reforms and change are not only focused on eliminating violent military action but also entail fighting against violent behaviour and interactions that have affected people's lives and government at all levels.

The measures to employ competent young professionals at different levels of government, who work tirelessly to strengthen the institutions and overcome the issues of corruption and low human capital, are an example of the achievements of reform by the national unity government.

Mr. Yama ended his speech by mentioning that although the image of Afghanistan is synonymous with bombs and violence in the international media and colour public opinion everywhere, there is also a dynamic young generation in Afghanistan who work hard to bring about changes and improve their country's situation for a better future.


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